Cal Phos-D


Cal Phos-D

xrta Calcium, Phosphor & Vit-D3

Composition per Litre: Calcium: 34000 mg Phosphorus: 17000 mg Active VitD3: 2000000 1.U

Poultry: Maintains egg production and egg shell quality, Helps to prevent bone and leg problems in fast growing broilers Supports against cage fatigue, uterus prolapse and cannibalism in laying hens

Ruminants: Helps to avoid milk fever after calving. Helps to prevent hypocalcemia in pregnant ewes. Cal Phos-D also has a positive effect on the milk yield. Shake Well before use


Cattle and Sheep: 2/5litre per 1000 litre drinking water Recommended one week before calving up to birth

Layers&breeders: 1 litre per 1000 litre drinking water

Broilers: 1-2 litre per 1000 litre drinking water

Storage & precaution: Keep well sealed in a cool, dry place & protect from light. This is an animal feed additive and not for human use! Veterinary Use Only.
Tel: (+98 21) 88 44 92 75
Manufactured by Afarin darou

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