Topical Ointment
Each 100 grams of Calendula Ointment contains 35 milligrams of flavonoids.
The mechanism of effect:
Calendula increases the flow of blood in the massage area and stimulates the immune system to cope with the disease. Flavonoids in Calendula can prevent the release of histamine and prostaglandin production, saponins exist in Calendula, prevent binging of histamine, and some other mediators of inflammation and with decrease the permeability of the capillaries prevents plasma infiltration into the inter-tissue space (decreased edema) and decrease migration of white blood cells in inflamed area, Carotenoids in Calendula are possible with tannin in the plant in the prevention and regimen of redness, edema and pain caused by sunburn caused by ultraviolet radiation are effective.
Treatment of allergic dermatitis-burns-cuts-sunburns and urine burns-reduces pruritus caused by insect bites and eczema.
Rout of administration:
Like other skin products after cleaning the skin, depending on the severity of the skin condition, a few days and enough of Calendula ointment is used on the local area.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Drug interactions:
Calendula is a herbal extracts that have not been mentioned for the use of those contraindications, precautions and warnings, there is also no report on the effect of this ointment on other drugs.
Storage conditions:
Keep away from sunshine and keep it at a temperature of 15- 30 °C
42.5 grams tube

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