Cephapirin DC


Cephapirin DC
Intramammary ointment (Dry cow)

Each 8 gr syringe contains 300 milligrams of Cephapirin (benzathine)

Mechanism of effect:
Cephapirin Benzathine is a broad-spectrum antibiotic against gram-positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria. This compound has a dilatory absorption, which makes the active ingredient remain in the breast tissue for several days at a high level.
Cephapirin is very active against the major bacteria producing mastitis

Cephapirin is used for the treatment of mastitis caused by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in cattle for dry periods
Rout of administration and dosage:
After washing udder and disinfecting the ends of the quarter, try to inject ointment into the quarter breast. each syringe for one quarter.

Withdrawal time:
Meat: 42 days
Milk: 72 hours

Prescribing only in the dry period
Keep out of the reach of children

Storage conditions:
Store in a dry place at a temperature below 30 °C

Each box contains 20 syringes of 8 grams

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