Pharmaceutical group: supplement of Calcium and Glucose.
Glu-Ca soloution has a unic formulation for a quick supply of lack of energy and calcium in animals. This solution contains Propylene Glycol and Calcium. At the end of pregnancy and after parturition body’s consumption rate of energy and Calcium is much higher than those which is present in the feed; thus, it is essential to support the animal with extra quick absorbing source of energy and Calcium. This product is for thin or fat cows with Calcium deficiency, Dystocia and retained placenta, twining and also animals with chronic diseases.

Ingredients: Glu-Ca contains Propylene Glycol, Glucose and Calcium.

Mechanism of action: Glu-Ca is an immediate source of Calcium and Glucose for animals at the end stages of pregnancy and after parturition. Calcium and Glucose of the blood increase immediately after administration of Glu-Ca within 5 minutes.

Indication for Use: To control the metabolic diseases such as Milk-Fever at the end of pregnancy and after calving Dystocia, retained placenta in cows suffering from Calcium deficiency. Glu-Ca can be administrate for reducing the non-estrous period after calving.

GLU-CA is also administered for: 1.Modifying the liver function and prevention of ketosis and Milk-Fever 2.Modifying the reproduction system, growth of ovarian follicles and the quicker return to the estrous-cycle 3.Increasing milk production, reducing milk’s microbial total count and reducing mastitis indirectly.

Method and dose of administration: Daily use of one liter for each cow, from two days before estimated calving date until one week after calving. Glu-Ca can be either combined with feed, drinking water or be used directly. However similar to other liquids, be cautious to prevent it from penetrating into the lungs.


Milk: Nil    Meat: Nil

Storage condition: keep below °25C and prevent it from sun light.

Packaging: Each carton contains 6 bottles of 1 liter Glu-Ca. Each carton contains 4 gallons of 4 liter Glu-Ca.

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