Masti-Seal DC


Masti-Seal DC

Teat Sealant DC ointment (paste) Each 4 gram syringe contains %65 Bismuth Subnitrate Masti-Seal DC is a neutral paste with the high molecular weight, which seals quarters as a physical obstacle, during the dry period. During the dry period the entrance of the different mastitic microorganisms elevates the risk of new infections. This ointment should be administered into the quarter at the end of the milking period and after the last milking.

Dose and route of Administration: Injecting Masti-Seal has a different procedure from the routing Intrammamary DC ointments. After the last milking and at the beginning of the dry period individual syringe shall be administered separately to each quarter. Firstly, clean and disinfect the teats with the alcohol swabs, hold the teat between the index finger and pollex then infuse the entire contents of one syringe of Masti-Seal into the teat chanal. If an antibiotic is infused into the teat, the teat should be re-swabbed with the alcohol swab provided prior to infusion with Masti-Seal but avoid washing the teat with water. After injection do not massage teat or udder following infusion. In cold weather avoid putting the syringe in the hot water.

Withdrawal Meat: Nil    Milk: Nil

Precautions After parturition Masti seal gets off the teats with the first milking of colostrum, therefore, for eliminating Bismuth Subnitrate from the teats discard the gathered milk from the first three milking.

Storage Masti-Seal should be stored at room temperature ’30-°15C.

Packaging Each box contains 20 pieces of 4 gr Masti-Seal syringe and an alcohol pad.

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