Neomycin Sulfate 1%


Neomycin Sulfate 1%
Topical Ointment

Each gram of ointment contains 10 milligrams of neomycin sulfate

Mechanism of effect:
Neomycin is an antibiotic of the family of aminoglycosides and bactericide, which by binding to a unit of 30 s of the ribosome, irreversibly prevents the synthesis of bacterial proteins and with this mechanism, it is more effective on aerobic gram-negative bacteria and some aerobic gram-positive bacteria.

To treat pyoderm and bacterial dermatitis caused by infectious skin diseases, colds and burns.

 Keep out of the reach of children.
 The drug is for topical use only.

Storage conditions:
Store in dry place at temperatures below 25 °C

42.5 grams tube

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