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METRICARE | AfarinDarou



Intra-uterine Antibiotic

Afarin Darou

Each 19 gram syringe contains 500mg cephapirin (as benzathine).

INGRIDIENTS: Each syringe contains 500mg cephapirin (as benzathine) in an oily carrier.

MODE OF ACTION Cephapirin, a first generation cephalosporin, is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with bactericidal action against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Cephapirin is resistant to the action of penicillinase and is active in an anaerobic environment such as is encountered in an infected uterus. After a single treatment with Metricure, concentrations of cephapirin in endometrial tissue above the MIC of sensitive bacteria are maintained for at least 24 hours.

INDICATIONS Metricure is indicated for the treatment of subacute and chronic endometritis in cows (at least 14 days after parturition) caused by bacteria sensitive to cephapirin and also is effective in the treatment of cows with Repeat-breeder syndrome.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION The contents of one Metricure syringe should be introduced into the lumen of the uterus using the disposable catheter provided. • Fix the syringe to the catheter. • Take the cervix of the uterus with the gloved hand introduced into the rectum. • Introduce the catheter through the cervix into the lumen of the uterus, by gentle oscillating movements of the cervix. • Inject Metricure. One treatment with Metricure is usually sufficient for a complete cure. In animals that have been inseminated, Metricure may be used at one day after insemination. In cases of pyometra, pretreatment with prostaglandins e.g. Estrumate (A2698) is recommended in order to induce luteolysis and remove debris from the uterine cavity.

CONTRAINDICATIONS Not to be administered to animals with known allergy to cephalosporins. Not to be administered with other intrauterine antibiotic preparations together. Metricare administration is not allowed in fresh cows.

WITHHOLDING PERIOD Meat: 4 days Milk: Nil

STORAGE Store below °25C. Prevent from freezing.

Precautions Using the drug in pregnant cows will cuase aborthion, before prescription please make sure that the cow is not pregnant. Packaging Each box contains 19, 10gr syringes along with 10 gloves and 10 disposable catheters.

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